Ask Anything!

Job Search Q&A Session with Lynn Juve

We want you to ask anything and everything!!


Thursday, September 21st at Noon PT / 3:00 pm ET


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It seems like everyone around you knows how to look for a job. You see their job announcements on LinkedIn.


But want to know the truth?


There is so much about job searching that no one knows for sure. 


The hiring process is different at every company. And the types of roles that are open are so different than even 15 years ago. This has left everyone confused. 

And everyone is embarrassed to ask.

We’re putting the shame away and saying “there are no bad questions!”

We want you to ask anything and everything!! 

I promise you, I have heard all the questions before. Even from seasoned professionals who have previously held leadership positions at well known organizations.



What can you ask in this session?

It can be a commonly asked question or it can be super specific to your situation. Usually those questions actually apply to many, but don’t worry, if it doesn’t, we are happy to answer it offline.

Here are some questions that I have been asked in the past:

  • Am I really supposed to ask an interviewer if they have any reservations about me as a candidate?

  •  How can I tailor my resume to each job I apply to? It’s so time consuming. 

  •  How can I network with recruiters?

  •  I don’t think I am using Linkedin enough.

  •  I feel blocked whenever I try to write my resume. How do I get unblocked?

  •  Can I apply to multiple jobs at the same company?

  •  Everyone seems to talk about networking, but it never works for me.

Yes, you can share challenges, you don’t even really have to have a question!


You can come even if you don’t have a question. Hanging out to listen is always ok. This will be one that you won’t want to miss!