How to make a career pivot

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Big career moves are possible, with the right strategy. 


Monday, September 18th at 5:00 pm PT / 8:00 pm ET


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Is it possible to get a better job without going back to school?




How do we know?


After working with over 276 clients, we have seen a few patterns. 


Our clients come to us because they need to market themselves for the next steps in their careers. Often it’s a pivot into a new field, but sometimes it’s a higher title or coming back from break. 


Their success stories prove that these big career moves are possible, with the right strategy. 


So three times a year, we pull back the curtain and share that strategy with you: The Bespoke Framework. This includes the 9-steps that we use with every client.


But I consider myself both positive and skeptical. We don’t expect anyone to take our word for it.


This has been designed specifically for those who

  • Wanting to pivot into a new field or industry.
  • Are aiming to land a higher role, such as in people management.
  • For whatever reason, are getting overlooked for the jobs you want.

We’ve designed this training to demonstrate (with real client examples) that getting a new job, one that is better for you, is possible.


In this training, we will go over:

Why you are getting rejections for roles you might actually be able to land


How to filter the advice you are getting from “experts” (hint: some people are giving you advice that doesn’t apply to your target field!)

The 9-steps that our clients have used to land their target roles


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