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I left teaching and landed my dream job within a year, reaching six-figures within four years, so I knew that others could do it too. And I was right. I have helped so many job seekers land their target role and get onto a track headed in the direction of their dream career. For many it meant finding work that is mission-oriented and more rewarding- and at market value salary. 

There was nothing that made these job seekers more qualified than you are. Many of them didn’t know how to articulate their skills or name the exact job title that they were looking for. 

  • A third of them were not working. Many of them hadn’t worked a traditional corporate role in 2 or more years. One even hadn’t worked in over 20 years. 🤯

  • A third of them were making a major pivot. 🔄 

  • A third of them were coming out of a toxic work environment. (This affected their ability to believe it was possible. 😓)

They often didn’t think they were ready. In every case, they were able to do it by taking the first step. That first step is always admitting, “I want something different.”

You are actually qualified for many job openings, but you are seeing that the hiring process is its own game. And you are figuring out the rules of the game as you go. You don’t have to do that. You can eliminate months of work, stress and anxiety by stepping into a process that has already worked for pivoters, returners and those looking to escape a toxic work environment.

“...Until I started working with Lynn, (I didn’t realize) how things I think are. Everyday tasks on my side are huge for someone else. I wasn’t highlighting those skills.I didn’t see them as achievements.

Working with Lynn really helped me understand, first of all, how to sell myself. I was able to tell my story in a more firm, value-added way.”


-Patty Montoya, Marketing Operations Manager

"I would say ‘Do it!’ Why would you be on the fence? If you’re not getting interviews, then you need to have somebody help you with your resume.

What I love about Lynn is she has really nice, current experience in the recruiting field. It’s become quite a science when it comes to recruiters looking at potential candidates for positions. [Lynn] knows what they’re looking for.”


Sylvia  Henderson, Business Development Representative at Conviva

“These group sessions are a way to go if you haven’t done coaching before...have a smaller budget to dedicate towards coaching, or if you don’t need that one-on-one time just yet...Lynn always gave us an opportunity to ask questions...which was perfect for me and my business schedule...

I...instantly felt more confident about my skills...and where I’m at. So breaking through that barrier was definitely worth it.”


Lauren Taylor, Consultant at Rainwise Seattle


This program will allow you to take control. You will feel confident about the job search again when you learn to see how marketable your skills are. You will learn the ins and outs of the job search process, and know exactly what to do at each step so that it no longer feels like you are feeling your way around in the dark, hoping that you will start to hear from employers.

You can go through the program and focus on the execution. All exercises will be guided in the group coaching sessions.


In the Level Up program you will learn to:

  • Identify your most marketable skills and experiences while giving you a process to determine the job title that will put you on the path to your target career. 

  • Leverage your network in an authentic way that doesn’t require you to use corny sales techniques or put pressure on your contacts.

  • Make a specific ask of your contacts that will be easy for them and actually allow you to find new opportunities.

  • Create networking messaging that you feel confident giving to your contacts. 

  • Land interviews instead of getting automated rejection email after automation rejection email.


  • 12 live group coaching sessions 
  • Recordings of all coaching sessions 
  • Learning Library with videos (under 30 minutes each) to walk you through exercises
  • 12-week access to the Level Up Community
  • 1-year access to all content and recordings (Must complete all 4 payments.)
  • Get all personal questions answered through email and LinkedIn messenger.
  • 1 45-minute coaching session at end of cohort (if all 4 payments are complete)
  • Written resume critique


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Lynn Juve has helped her clients land roles at Microsoft, Apple, Zillow, The American Heart Association, Qualtrics,  Payscale, and many small but mighty mission-based organizations. 

She has helped her clients land higher salaries, pivot from profit to nonprofit with a payjump, get back to work after 2 years to 20 years of not being in a corporate role, and get out of a toxic work environment (and often a combination)

There were two pit stops on Lynn’s career journey that called her to start Bespoke Professional: she pivoted from education to tech and realized that the process was not built for pivoters and the tools available to job searching were making it harder for pivoters. And after pivoting and achieving her goals of building and managing a team at a respected tech company and earning six-figures she felt the most unhappy and anxious that she had in her life. She found herself looking for a new role when she felt her worst.  She loves this work, especially seeing her clients succeed.

Don't miss out on the opportunity to land your dream job and get what you really deserve!