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Is this type of resume review right for you?


Let me guess…I think you may have found your way here for two reasons.


You really care about presenting yourself professionally, so you will do everything you can to create a great resume.


You just have this feeling that a lot of resume advice doesn’t apply to you.


And you’re probably right. There could be a lot of reasons. Maybe your situation is different because you…

  • Are making a career pivot 
  • Have been out of the workforce for some period of time
  • Are coming from a toxic work environment


No matter the reason, you are in the right place.


Apply to have your resume reviewed.

Why do I provide free resume reviews?


I am first and foremost a teacher. I eat, sleep and breathe educational theory. And the best way for someone to learn how to write their resume is by seeing examples. So if you are willing to show your example, that helps everyone!


Secondly, I love connecting with you! I love hearing your career aspirations and helping you with your job search nerves. 


My best friend in the world (Hi Erin!) once pointed out that I am always looking to connect with people. So this is just one way I get to do what I love and call it work. 🙂


Of course, these sessions help to promote my business and paid service. But that doesn’t mean that you have to buy anything. 


If you want to say thank you after getting a review please spread the word about these sessions. You can share the bespoke professional events page with someone who is looking for a job. Or find a social media post that you can reshare. I really really appreciate it. 

What you need to know!


1. This is an application process. The number of applications has been growing, so your review is not guaranteed. It is based on when you apply, but it is also based on whether your needs overlap with my expertise and what the audience needs to learn. 

It’s free so…just keep that in mind!


2. You will be slotted into a session based on when you applied and based on my advice for your specific resume.


3. Make sure you write your email correctly on the application!


4. Check your email to see if you were selected!


5. You must attend live in order to get a critique. You also must be in a place where we can talk. Yes, headphones help, but if you are slotted to get a critique, please also be stationary. It has a way of throwing the session off if you are driving or trying to catch the train. 


6. Save the date in your calendar now! Resume sessions almost always take place at 8am pacific/11am on Fridays. On the application, it tells you which upcoming sessions you are applying for. 


7. Your resume will be shown during the session. We do our best to remove your name and contact info and organization names. If there is anything else that you want to make sure that I don’t show, make sure to let me know in your application. 



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