Hello, I'm Lynn Juve.


I started Bespoke to help people of all backgrounds and experiences find the right job, after watching countless friends and acquaintances struggle to get jobs that they would have been an incredible fit for, simply because they didn’t pitch themselves well enough in the interview, or didn’t optimize their resume for machines and recruiters. 

I spent the first eight years of my career as a high school teacher - four years in Bakersfield, CA and four years in Medellín, Colombia. Teaching was such a rewarding and empowering career that showed me how much I love helping people reach their potential.

In 2016 my husband and I moved to Seattle where I made the jump into product training the tech industry. This was where I observed firsthand the huge knowledge gap of the average job hunter and I realized that I had a lot of great insight and feedback and wanted to help others fill that gap and demonstrate their value in an interview setting.

I currently call Seattle, WA my home where I live with my Colombian husband and our Colombian cat, Raul 🐈. 

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