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This is what these brilliant clients have to say about working with me

"Lynn offers fantastic insights and coaching for anyone back on the job market... I can wholeheartedly recommend Lynn for anyone looking for extra leverage in their job interviewing and negotiations and for anyone seeking to reconnect to the story of their strengths"

Barbara Plazer

Climate & Health Partnerships Consultant at Wellcome Trust

"Lynn helped me see that I am more valuable than I think I am and that there are more opportunities out there than I thought. Once you have been gone for a while, it's easy to feel that you are out of the loop. Lynn really helped me forget thinking that way, let it go, and move forward"

Linley Storm Boyette

Content Creator & Production Manager - Microsoft - JeffreyM Consulting

"I wholeheartedly recommend her to anyone who is looking to find a fulfilling and empowering job. THANK YOU Lynn, I couldn't have done it without you!"

Paula Soler

Brand Experience (BX) Delivery Leader at Qualtrics

"I landed at my top choice organization, making that pivot after 2 months of looking. I cannot recommend Lynn and Bespoke Professional enough!"

Sarah Floyd

Senior Development Director at American Heart Association

"Now that I've chance to work with Lynn, my confidence is through the roof...Prior to working with Lynn, I was terrified...As I've been going through the journey and putting a lot of her training to use, I have been having great success with it"

Tiffany G.

Customer Success Operations Manager, Imagine Learning

"Lynn's passion for what she is doing leads to a product that was beyond what I was expecting going in"

Michael McGillivray

Learning & Development